Trainer in Las Vegas

 Hello!! My name is Renée, I am a Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNC), as well as a Group Fitness Instructor at a local Las Vegas gym called Revolution Fitness Evolved since March 2016.

I absolutely love helping people work towards their fitness goals. I remember my first time I walked into a gym. I understand the ups and downs of changing your lifestyle. It’s difficult, I know. It takes a crazy amount of focus and discipline to reach your goals. Remember, failure isn’t a setback…it’s a pillar to build on and to learn from.

I teach clinics and weekly sessions that focus on correct/correcting lifting techniques and form, mobility, beginning nutrition, as well as beginning strength building.  

I am a foodie. Tacos, sushi, and Korean BBQ are my Achilles heel!! I couldn’t imagine giving up my favorite foods!

If you have any questions, please ask me via the message link. 

Talk to you soon!!  

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